Year of change


I am the independent business owner of Year of Change. I have made it my mission to have a positive impact in the lives of others. I started my business because I want to help others improve their overall quality of life. I am a wife, mother to three adult children and a grandmother, who enjoys spending time with my family and taking the boat out with my husband on the weekend’s.

This business will allow me the opportunity to help you live a happy and healthy life using high quality products that will give you the extra boost that you need to tackle your day.


To maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, putting the best ingredients in your body is vital to your personal success. If you're looking for quality, carefully selected supplements and food, check out my Nutrition shop offering a wide variety of products from vitamins, food, and sports nutrition.

Beauty Shines out

If you're looking to enhance your outer beauty. My Beauty shop comes with skin care products that will leave your skin looking and feeling healthy with a glow, and make up that will give you that extra confidence in your appearance. Featured above are my most popular skin care cleansers!

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